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Improving continuously our services to help our clients is our priority at Geosapiens.

Updated: May 5, 2022

Spring flood season represents a real challenge for many Canadian municipalities. In order to help these municipalities, we are pleased to announce the integration of 3 new features into our web solution E-NUNDATION . These 3 new features are:

1- Forecast maps up to 7 days of hydrological predictions: It is now possible to have access to hydrological forecasts to anticipate the flood risk. These forecasts are produced by our partner Hydro Météo.

2- A risk classification according to municipalities standards: Our solution is easy to use with customizable features allowing municipalities to have useful tools to prepare for floods.

3- Real time discharge and water level measurement: this new feature enables E-NNUNDATION users to be informed in real time of the level and flow of the rivers nearby.

These new features complement those already existing on E-NUNDATION such as dynamic flood mapping and flood risk assessment for population, buildings, and infrastructure. These enhancements enable us to offer our customers a customized solution to increase the population and municipalities resilience to face flooding risk and climate change.


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