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We help insurers deliver a viable flood insurance product through accurate risk assessment of their clients.

We provide insurance companies with a modeling solution offering the most accurate flood mapping on the market. Our flood models assess risk at building scale, mapping flood zones at 1-meter spatial resolution.

Our solution offers flood modeling data for all three types of flooding: fluvial, pluvial and coastal, across Canada.


1.7 millions buildings

 are at risk of flooding in Canada

Geo - Picto et image SW(4).png

1 Billion dollars

the average annual cost of flooding to insurers

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By 2030

flood damage will triple

Geosapiens flood models are accessible through its
web portal and API.


For each of your customers,
our solution assesses:

The frequency and the probability at which a building can be flooded;

Geo - Picto et image SW(5).png

The water level at the scale of the property for different flood scenarios;

Geo - Picto et image SW(5).png

The damage potentially caused to the property by different flood scenarios or on an analyzed basis;

Geo - Picto et image SW(5).png

A personalized alert up to 3 days in advance in the event of a flood;

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The protective measures to be put in place in the event of a flood.


More reliable models for more accurate pricing.

Our flood modeling solution has a proven track record in the insurance market. It stands out from existing solutions by providing accurate, up-to-date information, and by taking into account the particularities of the Canadian context.

Thanks to our modeling solution, insurers are able to:

  • Accurately assess the extent of damage to which their customers are exposed;​


  • Define the risk , history and intensity of flooding for their clients;


  • Adapt their insurance offer through more viable products;


  • Gain market share by offering flood insurance policies for previously uninsurable people;


  • Help clients prevent or mitigate the risk of flooding;


  • Reduce their customers' claim costs and thus reduce claims costs.


With Geosapiens, offer a more viable and affordable flood insurance product to your customers .

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