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Our team

We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the private and research sectors. We work tirelessly in the development of innovative solutions for understanding and managing flood risks.


Hachem Agili


Holding a degree in telecommunication engineering and a master's degree in GIS, Hachem has worked for many years on flood risk modeling projects in collaboration with private and public organizations. Based on society’s needs for a better flood risk understanding, Hachem co-founded Geosapiens in 2017 with a research team from INRS to provide innovative solutions to increase resilience to this climate risk and reduce its disastrous impacts. As the CEO of Geosapiens, Hachem’s mission is to ensure that Geosapiens expertise is leveraged to meet clients and business partners needs by offering reliable solutions tailored to their realities.

Daniel Dondy,.jpeg

Daniel Rondy

VP Business Development

With a professional sales and senior executive career spanning 3 decades, Daniel has skillfully navigated through various sectors such as technology, telecommunications, environment, and public and municipal domains. Daniel stands out for his ability to develop and maintain exceptional business relationships. Thanks to his efforts, he has successfully increased the revenues of the companies he has worked for and has contributed to optimizing their organizational performance. His experience and skills are assets for Geosapiens in its quest of growth and success.


Chiranjib Chaudhuri

Vice-President of R&D

Chiranjib holds a Ph.D. degree and a master’s degree in civil engineering. He has over 10 years of experience in hydroclimatic hazard modeling in both industrial and academic fields. Chiranjib has developed expertise in hydraulic and hydrological modeling, simulation of climate change scenarios and has extensive knowledge in GIS and machine learning. Chiranjib leverages his expertise to lead the Geosapiens research and development team and to ensure the scientific and operational rigor of its models.


Karem Chokmani

Scientific advisor

Karem is a professor and a researcher at INRS specialized in geomatics and statistical hydrology. His research work, which was at the origin of Geosapiens creation, focuses on the development of geomatics and remote sensing applications for spatiotemporal monitoring of water resources in the context of climate change. Karem acts as a scientific advisor to support the Geosapiens development team in the implementation and execution of R&D projects.


Charles Tousignant

Senior GIS Developer

With a degree in geomatics engineering, Charles has more than 10 years of experience in the field of geomatics and programming. During his professional career at INRS, Charles developed an expertise in the development of geomatic solutions for flood risk management. Charles holds the position of Senior GIS developer and works on the development of web solutions that enable the analysis and the visualization of Geosapiens risk models.


Jasmin Gill-Fortin

Senior GIS Analyst

Jasmin is a geomatics engineer and a specialist in flood modeling. He has several years of experience in the design and development of flood mapping models. Moreover, Jasmin has an expertise in the development of solutions based on remote sensing data for the simulation of environmental phenomena. As a senior GIS analyst at Geosapiens, Jasmin works on the implementation and the production of flood mapping data.


Achraf Chabbouh

IT systems architect

Holding a degree in telecommunication engineering, Achraf Chabbouh is an accomplished IT architect who has dedicated several years to designing and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions for diverse industries. He has been instrumental in driving business growth and enhancing operational efficiency by leveraging his technical skills and knowledge. As an IT architect at Geosapiens, Achraf has a specific focus on solution design and implementation, technical leadership, and project management


Amit Kumar

GIS Analyst

Amit specializes in geomatics and flood modeling data processing and analysis. He has several years of experience, particularly in the insurance industry, in quality control and correction of flood risk data. Amit works on the production and processing of geospatial data required for vulnerability and financial risk models.


Claudie Ratté-Fortin

Mathematical modeling specialist

Claudie holds a PhD in water science from the National Institute of Scientific Research. Throughout her career, she has worked on various projects leveraging artificial intelligence for the modeling of extreme natural events using statistical and mathematical models. Currently working as a specialist in mathematical modeling, Claudie focuses on developing hydrological models for Geosapiens and integrating numerical models into our flood modeling processing pipeline.

Duy Anh Alexandre.jpg

Duy Anh Alexandre

Mathematical modeling specialist

Duy Anh holds a research master's degree from Ecole polytechnique de Montréal and an engineering diploma from Ecole Polytechnique Paris. During his experience, Duy Anh has worked on analyzing hydrological and climatic datasets to assess current and future flood risks in southern Quebec. As a mathematical modeling specialist, Duy Anh plays a significant role in our team by developing statistical and mathematical tools for climate extremes modeling.

Mingke Erin Li.jpeg

Mingke Erin Li

GIS Scientist

Erin holds a Ph.D. in Geomatics Engineering from the University of Calgary, where she conducted research to study natural disturbances and hazards. Her research specifically investigated the application of GIS in topographical and hydrological modeling. Erin has an extensive knowledge in geospatial analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning. As a GIS scientist, Erin contributes to develop our hazard models and enhance our GIS capabilities in terms of analytics and visualization.

Join our team!

Geosapiens is looking for motivated and talented people to join its team. Are you a specialist in hydraulics, hydrology, environment or geomatics? Are you interested in issues related to flood risk? Are you dynamic, innovative and enjoy taking on challenges? We want to meet you!

We are interested in hearing from you. 

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