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For municipalities better equipped to manage floods .
Be better prepared and make your municipality more resilient to 
the risk of flooding.


Every dollar invested

in mitigation saves up to five dollars in recovery costs.


Every dollar invested

in mitigation saves up to five dollars in recovery costs.


Every dollar invested

in mitigation saves up to five dollars in recovery costs.

We offer you a decision support tool under
form of a web platform for management

operational flooding.



E-NUNDATION offers a multitude of features:

E-NUNDATION is a web platform that offers dynamic and predictive mapping of flood risks with very high precision (one meter of spatial resolution).

E-NUNDATION is a decision support tool that allows municipalities to manage flood risks for all watercourses located on their territory.

E-NUNDATION is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool so that decision-makers can use it without having specific knowledge in hydraulics, hydrology or geomatics.


E-NUNDATION is the solution
for your city.

E-NUNDATION is the first product on the market to offer an integrated solution for the management
operational risk of flooding. Thanks to dynamic flood mapping,


E-NUNDATION helps manage risk from prevention to recovery.






  • Dynamic mapping of flood zones as well as water depths ;

  • Predictive and real-time mapping of floods;

  • An estimate of the level of human risk per building, based on socio-economic vulnerability ;

  • Identification of essential infrastructure and flooded or isolated buildings;

  • An estimate of the water heights for each infrastructure or building;

  • An estimate of the potential economic damage to buildings and critical infrastructure;

  • An assessment of the level of accessibility of roads ;

  • A quantification of the number of sandbags or the dimensions of a dike needed to protect one or more buildings;

  • A simulation of the consequences of the presence or failure of a dike on the extent of the flooding and the risk generated .

Sans titre(1).png

A dashboard of the situation

Sans titre (4).png

Number of detached houses

Sans titre (7).png

Number of flooded buildings

Sans titre (9).png

Number of people to evacuate

Sans titre (5).png

Number of sandbags to protect buildings

Sans titre (8).png

Location of sections of passable and cut roads


The good ones information for
good decisions

Make sure you have everything you need to make informed decisions during the different phases of flood risk management. With information tailored to your needs, E-NUNDATION helps you improve the planning and efficiency of your interventions. You will thus be able to reduce the impact of flooding on the community and the infrastructures of your territory while optimizing your investments.

Want to be proactive about flooding?


E-NUNDATION supports you in the development of your protection and intervention plans .


E-NUNDATION is the essential solution to increase your resilience and reduce the economic, environmental and psychosocial consequences of floods.

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