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We help our clients to better understand and manage flood risks through reliable , customizable solutions adapted to their needs .


Flood risk analysis and management toolbox

E-NUNDATION is a web-based platform for dynamic and predictive flood risk mapping. This tool assesses the impacts of floods on people, buildings and critical infrastructure. 


E-NUNDATION is not limited to the simulation of flood hazard, generally characterized by the extent of the flooded area and the depth of flooding. The tool is unique in that it assesses the overall RISK by integrating the exposure of vulnerable elements to flood hazard. 


E-NUNDATION enables the characterization of the vulnerability of issues present in flood-prone areas and their levels of exposure to this hazard. The vulnerable elements are the population, buildings, critical infrastructure and the road network.


Why choose E-NUNDATION?

  • For its ease of use.

  • Get notified 3 days before the flood hits.

  • It is the most precise and complete tool on the market.

  • A customizable solution according to the needs of each of our customers, at 4 corners of the planet.

  • Application accessible anywhere and anytime.

  • Tested and validated in operational use contexts over several years of R&D.

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E-NUNDATION offers its users a comprehensive risk assessment, adapted to the different stages of the risk management process.


Better manage floods


Get an accurate risk assessment of your customers


Help your customers better understand risk


Order your risk report

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