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Geosapiens Launches Quebec’s First Comprehensive Flood Model

Quebec, September 20, 2023 — Geosapiens unveils Quebec’s first comprehensive flood model, providing a consistent, unified view of flood risk for the entire province. This model—the first of its kind in Quebec—makes it possible to identify areas at risk of fluvial and coastal flooding and to manage flood risk exposure more effectively to protect both property and people.

Fluvial Flood Modeling with Exhaustive Coverage of Quebec

Geosapiens’ new product provides the most comprehensive fluvial flood modeling to date, with a high spatial resolution of one meter. The model covers every river and stream in the province and offers an unprecedented level of accuracy for such large-scale mapping. This product will enable insurers, government bodies, and the real estate industry to better assess flood risk and to make informed choices about risk management, planning, and communication.

“Our model is based on the most up-to-date data available, including topographical, climatic and land-use data. In addition, it is fed by a state-of-the-art hydrological model that assesses flooding probability for all catchments located within Quebec. Our mapping allows to determine the impact of flooding on infrastructure and communities”, explains Hachem Agili, CEO of Geosapiens.

Quebec’s First Coastal Flood Model

In addition to the fluvial flood model, Geosapiens launches Quebec’s first coastal flood model. Coastal flooding can be caused by a variety of factors, primarily intense wind storms occurring at the same time as high tide. Geosapiens’ mapping covers areas in Quebec that are most vulnerable to this type of flood risk, namely Côte-Nord, the Gaspé Peninsula, and the Magdalen Islands. Geosapiens’ coastal flood modeling data allows to better anticipate and manage the growing flood risk. The model enables authorities to better understand coastal flooding and to implement adequate mitigation measures to protect coastal communities from future flooding. It also allows insurers to cover these risks, thus addressing a serious gap on the market for such an insurance product.

Quebec Faces a Major Flooding Challenge

In recent years, extreme weather events in Quebec have increased both in their frequency and severity. This trend is driven by a number of factors, including climate change, population growth and urban development. Given the severe impact of these disasters, it is imperative that they be well understood in order to protect communities and mitigate economic losses.

Geosapiens’ innovation equips public and private stakeholders with accurate data to help improve their resilience. As the existing mapping of flood-risk areas in Quebec is incomplete, inconsistent and outdated in many regions, Geosapiens is directly responding to a concrete and urgent need with its cutting-edge flood mapping—a significant advancement for the industry.

A Unique Technological Innovation in Quebec

Geosapiens was founded by a research team from the Institut national de la recherche scientifique with experience in GIS and climate risk modeling. Geosapiens is the first in the industry to carry out this type of high spatial resolution modeling on a provincial scale. The product it has designed is the fruit of many years of research and development in collaboration with Quebec universities and research centers. It incorporates the most accurate and up-to-date topographic data available, derived from lidar data.

“We pride ourselves on designing our models on a local scale to get an accurate view of the territory, in contrast to existing technologies on the market that favor a global approach. This customized approach gives us a more precise idea of how fluvial and coastal characteristics vary across regions. Our product provides access to detailed, scientifically validated flood risk information to inform decision-making, particularly in the fields of insurance, real estate, engineering, civil security, and urban development”, adds Mr. Agili.

Geosapiens is in the process of rolling out its flood model across Canada to provide complete and consistent coverage from coast to coast. This innovation has made Geosapiens a key industry player delivering vital expertise for flood prevention and flood risk management across the country.

About Geosapiens

Geosapiens is a Canadian company specializing in flood risk modeling and management. The company was founded in 2017 by a climate risk modeling research team from the Institut national de recherche scientifique. Geosapiens’ mission is to develop cutting-edge solutions to increase society’s resilience to climate risks. Its aim is to provide the general population as well as public and private organizations with reliable, intuitive tools to support decision-making while enabling them to better understand, prevent and manage flood risks.

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