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Earth Day: A “wake-up call” in the face of climatic changes

Earth day is an editorial focus on press and social media. A lot of people are wishing a happy earth day and sharing interesting resolutions to save what is left on our planet. Since earth day is great opportunity to talk about climate changes, Geosapiens team would like to make a quick reminder of the floods impact around the world but also in Canada. A worrying situation due to climate change.

According to Aqueduct Floods insights, the number of flood victims will more than double all around the globe. In 2020, we’ve reached 65 million of flood victims and the forecasts indicate that the number of victims will reach 132 million in 2030. The damages due this natural disaster will exceed 700 billion dollars.

The situation in Canada is also very alarming. The number of Canadian flood victims will increase from 200,000 in 2010 to over 350,000 in 2030. The cost of flood damage will rise to over 14 billion.

Earth Day is a valuable opportunity to remind the population about the importance of taking a good care of Mother Earth. It is also a chance to talk about floods impacts and forecasts to raise awareness among the population to be more aware and more resilient in the face of climate change.

Happy earth day!

Geosapiens team


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