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E-NUNDATION: for proactive flood risk management

Updated: May 5, 2022

This spring, in addition to following the curve of the pandemic's evolution, municipalities will also have to look at the evolution of the waterways in their territory. While the province of Quebec is on a break, its rivers are not. What is more, the COVID-19 pandemic is dramatically complicating matters. In fact, because of the security measures put in place to limit the spread of the virus, some of the measures normally taken in the event of river overflows (e.g., the setting up of shelters) are prohibited.

The best solution - reinforced by the current context - therefore seems to be prevention. And this is where we can help municipalities with the E-NUNDATION tool.

Accurate information to make the right decisions

E-NUNDATION's prime objective is to assist public decision-makers in making informed decisions on flood risk management. It is a desktop and mobile web-based platform that allows municipalities to assess and forecast flood risks for ALL watercourses within their jurisdiction.

E-NUNDATION is the first tool available on the market that deals with the FLOOD RISK in its entirety. Together with risk assessment, E-NUNDATION integrates the vulnerability assessment of the population, buildings and critical infrastructure.

E-Nundation, outil de gestion des inondations pour les municipalités
E-NUNDATION - Dashboard

The E-NUNDATION platform enables floods to be forecast and their impact on people, buildings and critical infrastructure to be accurately assessed. It provides instant and simple access to the information needed to make the best decisions.

  • Which areas will be affected? And at what level?

  • Which roads will be impassable?

  • Which citizens should be evacuated first?

  • How much will it cost in damage to this or that building?

  • How many sandbags should be put in place for protection? Where should they be placed?

E-NUNDATION offers dynamic and predictive flood mapping that can be used to determine both the extent and depth of water over the entire floodplain. For instance, for a given residence, we can determine how high the water is going to rise in order to assess the risk to the inhabitants.

Thanks to a dashboard providing a portrait of the situation, E-NUNDATION enables decision-makers to review forecasted, current or future events, thus encouraging proactive rather than reactive actions.

Our mission is to help decision-makers manage flood risks more effectively by providing them with clear and easy-to-understand information. The use of E-NUNDATION makes it possible to take preventive action and to make effective use of human and material resources. In this way, the financial and psychosocial costs associated with floods will be dramatically reduced.


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