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Privacy policy Geosapiens Inc.

Geosapiens inc. ("Geosapiens" or "we") takes the protection of your Personal Information very seriously. That is why we are committed to ensuring the accuracy, security, and confidentiality of the Personal Information collected from you, in compliance with applicable laws.


This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") sets out how Geosapiens collects, uses, discloses, and retains your Personal Information and is intended to help you understand our practices. By providing us with Personal Information, you consent to its treatment in accordance with this Policy.


This Policy does not apply to third-party websites and software that may be accessed through our website, platform, or application, if any (collectively, our "Sites").

For this Policy, "Personal Information" means any information about an individual that allows the identification of that individual, as defined in Canadian law.

Geosapiens has designated a Privacy Officer. If you have any questions, comments, or complaints about this Policy, please contact us at the following e-mail address:  

1. Personal information we collect

In the course of our business and service provision, Personal Information collected may include, but is not limited to:

  • Your name and surname;

  • Your username;

  • Your e-mail address;

  • Your phone number;

  • Your postal address;

  • Your IP address;

  • Your use of our Sites and other technical information about your browsing behaviour.


We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from anyone under the age of 16, unless parental consent is provided, but in no case from anyone under the age of 13.

Geosapiens will not decline to fulfill a request for goods, services, or employment because the person making the request refuses to provide Personal Information to Geosapiens except in the following circumstances:

  • the collection is necessary for the conclusion or performance of a contract;

  • the collection of Personal Information is authorized by law; or

  • there are reasonable grounds to believe that such a request is not lawful.

2. How we collect your personal information

Geosapiens collects your Personal Information from you and through cookies.

2.1. From you


You provide us with Personal Information directly, including when you create an account on our Sites, when you complete the registration form, through the information available on your user profile, when you click on an advertisement that we have placed on a third-party website (e.g., Google, Facebook, etc.), if you contact us, if you fill out an online request form, or if you purchase one of our products or services, for example.

2.2. Cookies

Cookies are small data files that are commonly stored on your device when using websites and online services. They are used for the efficient operation of websites and can provide information and help personalize services. Geosapiens collects the Personal Information provided by cookies.

Geosapiens uses different types of connection cookies (collectively referred to as cookies here):

  • Performance and Functionality Cookies: These cookies are not essential to the provision of our services. They help personalize and enhance the user experience. For example, they may remember your preferences so you don't have to re-enter information more than once, or remember your login information so you don't have to enter it each time you use the service.

  • Cookies for advertising purposes: These cookies are not essential to the provision of our services. They use information about your visit to the site, such as pages viewed or response to advertisements, to help provide the best user experience for you.


If you wish to disable the use of cookies, you can do so from your browser's preference menu. It is possible to disable cookies or use the private browsing mode when using Geosapiens services.

3. How we use your personal information

The Personal Information collected by Geosapiens will be used for the following purposes:

  • To provide, maintain, customize and improve our services;

  • Allow Geosapiens to perform internal operations in connection with its services; and

  • Send or facilitate communications between Geosapiens and you in connection with the services.


Except as already provided by applicable privacy legislation, Geosapiens will obtain your consent before using your Personal Information for any purpose not previously identified.

4. Your consent to the collection and use

Your consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your Personal Information is required, except where inappropriate (For example, for legal or security reasons, it may be impossible or impractical to obtain consent).

By agreeing to use Geosapiens services, you expressly provide Geosapiens with your voluntary consent to collect, process, and use Personal Information in accordance with this Policy.

You represent that you are aware of the purposes for which Geosapiens collects, processes, and uses this Personal Information, how the collection will be carried out and how the confidentiality of your Personal Information will be protected.

You may withdraw your consent at any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice.

5. Retention of personal information

Personal Information shall be retained only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes or as required by law concerning retention periods.

Any user may request that his or her account be deleted by sending a request to Geosapiens by e-mail.

6. Our security measures

Geosapiens maintains industry-leading safeguards to protect its customers against unauthorized access or use, alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction, or loss of their Personal Information.

Unfortunately, we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of Personal Information.

You understand and agree that i) there are limits to the security and confidentiality of the Personal Information we collect that are beyond Geosapiens' control; ii) the security, integrity, and privacy of all Personal Information and data exchanged between you and Geosapiens through our Sites cannot be guaranteed; and iii) such Personal Information may be viewed or altered by a third party at the time of transfer. For these reasons, Geosapiens cannot be held responsible for the loss, capture, or alteration of Personal Information.

7. Access and modification of personal information

You have access to your Personal Information through your user account on our Sites, if any. You may correct and update this Personal Information from this access.

You may obtain a copy of your Personal Information or have it corrected if it is inaccurate by sending us a written request by e-mail.


A request for access, rectification, or deletion can only be considered if it is made in writing by you and you can prove that you are the person concerned by the request (or his or her representative, the heir or successor of the person concerned, the liquidator of the estate or the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or a compensation).


When we receive a request for access, rectification, or deletion, we will strive to respond within a reasonable time of receipt of the request.


In certain situations, it may not be possible for Geosapiens to disclose all the Personal Information it holds about you. Exceptions to access requirements are limited and specific. Reasons for denying access are provided upon request.


These exceptions include information that is prohibitively costly to provide, information that contains details about other individuals, legal, security, or commercial reasons for not providing the information, and the fact that the information is protected by solicitor-client or litigation privilege.


A reasonable fee may be charged for the transcription, reproduction, or transmission of Personal Information.

8. Disclosure of information

Geosapiens will not disclose your Personal Information to any third party, except with your consent, or where such disclosure or use is required by law.

Personal Information may also be disclosed without your consent for research purposes if the records are not structured in such a way that an individual can be identified by reference to his or her name, sign, or symbol and if there is no way to identify the Personal Information from such a reference.

9. Policy changes and updates

Geosapiens may, at its discretion, update, revise, modify or supplement this Policy from time to time. If a change is made to the Policy, you will be notified when you log in, and/or we will send you a link to the new version of the Policy. The Policy and any related agreements, if any, will be posted on our Sites. Geosapiens requires its users to review the updated Policy before continuing to use its services. If you do not accept the updated Policy, you may cancel your account.

Continued use of the services provided by Geosapiens, after the entry into force of the modified Policy, constitutes consent to this modified Policy.

10. Filing a complaint

Geosapiens has established procedures for receiving complaints and enquiries about its Personal Information management policies and practices. The complaint procedure is easily accessible and simple to use.

Geosapiens will inform individuals who make enquiries or complaints of the existence of the relevant procedures.


Geosapiens will investigate all complaints. If a complaint is found to be justified, Geosapiens will take appropriate action including, if necessary, amending its policies and practices.

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