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We help insurers offer a viable flood insurance product through our high resolution flood model.

We provide insurance companies with the most accurate flood model in the market. Our E-NUNDATION solution assesses the risk at the building scale using dynamic mapping of flood zones down to the meter . It also offers a predictive and real-time assessment of the consequences of floods.

E-NUNDATION makes it possible to simulate the failure of a protection structure and to assess its impact on the extent and depth of water as well as the associated risks.


1.7 millions buildings

 are at risk of flooding in Canada

Geo - Picto et image SW(4).png

1 Billion dollars

the average annual cost of flooding to insurers

Geo - Picto et image SW(3).png

By 2030

flood damage will triple

E-NUNDATION offers a flood risk assessment at the building scale.


For each of your customers,

E-NUNDATION assesses:

The frequency and the probability at which a building can be flooded;

Geo - Picto et image SW(5).png

The water level at the scale of the property for different flood scenarios;

Geo - Picto et image SW(5).png

The damage potentially caused to the property by different flood scenarios or on an analyzed basis;

Geo - Picto et image SW(5).png

A personalized alert up to 3 days in advance in the event of a flood;

Geo - Picto et image SW(5).png

The protective measures to be put in place in the event of a flood.


E-NUNDATION is the tool for you!

E-NUNDATION is a proven solution in the insurance market. It sets itself apart from existing solutions by providing precise and up- to-date information as well as its consideration of the particularities of the Canadian context .

Thanks to E-NUNDATION, insurers will be able to:

  • Accurately assess the extent of damage to which their customers are exposed;


  • Make monetary estimates of annual or event-related damages;


  • Define the risk , history and intensity of flooding for their clients;


  • Adapt their insurance offer through more viable products;


  • Gain market share by offering flood insurance policies for previously uninsurable people;


  • Help clients prevent or mitigate the risk of flooding ;


  • Reduce their customers' claim costs and thus reduce claims costs.


With E-NUNDATION , offer a turnkey report to your customers to avoid them many worries.

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