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Geosapiens launches its flood risk assessment product for the real estate market

A web application for real estate professionals and consumers for a thoughtful real estate transaction

Quebec City, May 19th 2022 – Geosapiens has released E-NUNDATION, a new product to help real estate professionals to better advise their clients on their flood risks and allow consumers to make a thoughtful decision during real estate transactions.

Unique in Quebec and Canada, E-NUNDATION offers qualitative, quantitative, and cartographic risk assessments via a web application. Users can have a free flood risk evaluation using E-NUNDATION. A detailed risk report can also be ordered to have a complete overview of the risk and customized recommendations to protect the property during flood seasons.

“This web application, which has been added to our product line, is part of our vision of making access to information on the flood risk of accessible for everyone. We are proud to increase society’s resilience in the face of climatic hazards through a proactive culture of risk management,” said Hachem Agili, CEO of Geosapiens.

Created using cutting-edge technologies, Geosapiens app was developed in collaboration with Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) to make information about flood risk per address easily available for populations. E-NUNDATION aims to democratize flood risks management by providing important and rare information, which makes the real estate transaction more transparent.

E-NUNDATION is currently available for most areas at risk of flood in Quebec, including the greater Montreal region, Gatineau, Beauce, the Quebec City region, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, etc. The geographical coverage will continue to expand increasingly on the waterways of Quebec. Canada-wide map will be available in 2023.

To access the E-NUNDATION app, visit:

About Geosapiens

Geosapiens is a Canadian company that specializes in flood risk modeling. It was founded in 2017 by an INRS research team experienced in climate risk modelling. The company’s mission is to develop cutting-edge solutions to help increase society’s resilience to the vagaries of the weather. It wishes to provide the public as well as public and private organizations with reliable and intuitive decision support tools, enabling them to better understand, prevent, and manage these risks. To find out more:

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