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Geosapiens flood modeling data will be available soon on Geoselec marketplace!

We are pleased to announce that Geosapiens flood risk modeling data will be available soon on Geoselec marketplace, whose mission is to facilitate access to geospatial information throughout Canada.

Geosapiens showcase on Geoselec marketplace will enable professionals to have access to Geosapiens products according to their interest and needs. Various sub-products will be available soon:

1. Flood-prone area maps for 5 flooding scenarios

2. Flood-prone area maps for 10 flooding scenarios

3. Detailed flood risk report per address

About Geoselec

Geoselec positions itself as the Canadian leader in digitization and distribution of historical as well as recent aerial photography. Through its e-commerce and online distribution platform, Geoselec is making accessible the imagery content of varied sources and partners (Nearmap, Gouvernement du Québec, Geoselec, etc.).

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Geneviève Grenier | CEO |

Hachem Agili | CEO |


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