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Geosapiens Launches 1-Meter Flood Model for St. Lawrence Basin in Canada

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Floods, a growing challenge in Canada

Flooding has become an increasingly pressing issue for both insurance companies and governments in Canada. In recent years, the frequency and severity of flood events have risen, causing significant damage and financial losses. According to Public Safety Canada, the average annual cost of flood damage in Canada is $1.5 billion, highlighting the need for more accurate flood modeling data to better understand and manage flood risk in the country.

Our new, and first of its kind 1 m flood model

To address these growing challenges, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the first flood model in Canada with a 1-metre spatial resolution. This revolutionary model, that firstly covers the St. Lawrence basin, represents an important milestone for Geosapiens’ roadmap to cover Canada with a high-resolution flood model. The launch of the first 1-metre flood model in Canada for the St. Lawrence basin is a significant step forward in the effort to reduce the risks and impacts of flooding. This innovative model will provide more accurate and detailed information about the potential for flooding, and will help insurers, communities, and decision-makers to better prepare for and respond to these events.

Example of Geosapiens 1-meter flood map

St. Lawrence Basin: A valuable milestone towards a Canada-wide high-resolution flood model.

The St. Lawrence Basin is a vast area of land in Canada that covers a significant portion of the province of Quebec and parts of Ontario. It encompasses the St. Lawrence River and its tributaries, as well as the Great Lakes. The basin is home to some of the most populous cities in Canada including Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, and Ottawa representing more than half of Canada's population.

The St. Lawrence Basin has a complex hydrological system, characterized by numerous rivers, lakes, and groundwater aquifers. The St. Lawrence Basin and its rivers are susceptible to floods, particularly in the spring and summer months when snowmelt and heavy rainfall can cause water levels to rise rapidly. This is due to several factors, including the size and shape of the basin, the presence of several large lakes and rivers, and the geography of the surrounding landscape.

Geosapiens 1m flood model St. Lawrence key facts:

Geosapiens flood model coverage – St.Lawrence basin

  • area: 273 000 km2 (green area)

  • 12 return periods from 2 years to 1,500 years

  • Integration of high-resolution digital elevation model

  • AI-based hydrology model providing flood quantiles for gauged and non-gauged catchments (blue area).

  • On-demand flood maps in real time or forecast events

  • 30-m flood model for non-covered areas with high-resolution digital elevation model

Compared to existing low resolution flood models, the Geosapiens 1 m spatial resolution flood model provides a highly detailed and more accurate representation of the risk of flooding. It helps to accurately assess the risk for buildings, roads, and infrastructures.

A team of experts to support your needs.

Geosapiens flood model is the result of the many years of research and development carried out by our dedicated flood modeling and GIS experts.

Our team is committed to provide the highest level of service and support to our clients and to work closely with them to understand their specific needs and to develop customized solutions that meet those needs.

Contact us to talk about your flood management challenges, our team would be happy to support your specific needs and provide more information and answer any questions you may have.


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